Dark Angel


1. I love the pictures! Can I use them on my own site?

No, you can't use them without asking me first. And no, I'm not pretending to be the one with the copyrights for the pictures. I just think it's not too much to ask, because after all, I have done the job. However, you can use them in your personal use freely, that is, for example using them as a wallpaper. If you use my captures for example as a part of wallpapers which are available for everyone, it would be nice if there was a link back to my site.

2. How do you take captures?

Obviously with a computer. ;) You only need a DVD program which supports capturing. I myself use Power DVD. Just insert the disc, start to watch the episode and keep pressing "c" or whatever is the key for capturing.

3. I'd like to see captures from a specific episode, but you don't have them.

That is very possible. Currently, I'm uploading captures from six (make it seven soon!) different tv series, so yeah, many episode captures are still missing. But, I am willing to listen your wishes, so if you liked to see some specific episode captures, contact me!

4. On what basis do you update the website? Some series pages haven't been updated for years!

It's my website! I update it when I want to! :p
To be honest, sometimes I'm not in a mood for some show for a long time. For example, I haven't watched Buffy episodes for a really long time, because right now I don't have time nor interest for that show. Instead, I watch some other show all day long. And sometimes I take the entire season captures quite fast, but I will do the updates at slow pace.

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